Some vids for your viewing pleasure!

Live performance at American Pie & Pub, December 2016:

Live video of The Creeper from 2014, Seaside Tavern, Stamford, CT:

A video of The Creeper we did at a rehearsal (we were called AGENDA21 for a while), just for fun (with vocal overdubs as well as live):

Here’s a live version of The Creeper from an outdoor show in MA:

Here’s a live one from 7th Gear Bar in Queens NY in 2014, Got to Go:

Here’s one from Seaside Tavern called Taken & Wasted, but we don’t actually play this anymore, so this will likely be the only place you’ll ever see it performed live (written at the same time a Garbage Barge, early 90’s):

Here are a couple from ‘back in the day'(when were were called The TRUTH), from a show in New York City at a great underground club called the Scrap Bar… the original version of Garbage Barge, and a funky tune called Lost in Eternity…

We hope to have professionally produced video sometime later in 2016 (time and cash-flow permitting)! .\,,/

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