A message from the singer

So, there have been some recent developments in my musical life that I would like to now share with you all at this time…

There is a most amazing Heavy Metal band from the Connecticut area, who are signed by the label Pure Steel Records (out of Germany) and they have recently released their debut CD, which by the way is absolutely exceptional across the board… this band is called ‘As Darkness Dies’ (www.asdarknessdies.com).

Recently the band has gone through some lineup changes, most notably (at least to the degree where I am concerned) is the departure of their lead vocalist Martin O’Brien. Martin is an incredible singer, and I have seen him live a number of times with the band, and have heard his recorded material, and I can only say that in all cases I was in awe of his presence and ability. He will clearly be missed, being such an integral part of this band, and I have the utmost respect for Martin, being a Rock/Metal singer myself, and I personally wish him the absolute best in whatever the next chapter holds for him.

Which brings me to this… Paul Coleman, one of the guitarists and founders of the band, approached me with an offer, an opportunity really, to come on board and be the new lead singer of As Darkness Dies. Now, this really came as a complete surprise, seemingly out of the blue, but Paul explained the situation and asked if I would be interested in taking over for Martin. After some in-depth conversation, and a little meet and greet, I accepted, without further hesitation, because this is an incredible opportunity that I absolutely know I want to pursue.

Of course, there is the matter of my current project, ‘One Part Human’, which I love, and my brothers in this band, who I have been working long and hard with for many years, creating killer tunes and recently releasing a CD ourselves… for the foreseeable future OPH will continue to play shows and create music, but with the acceptance of the lead vox position in ADD, priorities will shift and the guys totally understand this and most graciously wished me the best in my new endeavor, which I very much appreciate… and I’ll say this, without Dean, Greg & Mark pushing me all these years, I would never ever be in a position to accept a job like this, because as I said earlier, Martin O’Brien is an absolutely amazing singer, and this is no joke, I have my work cut out for me, and I’m looking forward to every minute of it.

Lastly, huge thanks to Paul for believing I can do this, and to my Michelle for being my biggest fan and staunchest supporter ever!

See you on the road! .\,,/

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