The One Part Human Story

We’ve been playing together for many years, different band names, through the good and bad, but the bottom line is we are family, and if you ever get the chance to see us play, you will understand completely.

We also strive to be very conscious about the subject matter we choose to write about, but we, as any artists, want to be open and accessible to a broader audience. We have no desire to alienate anyone who may be interested in listening to us, but won’t, because they assume we are negative, or overly political and lean one way or the other regarding ‘the administration’, or social and political views leaning one way or the other.

That said, some of the writing will <em>(and does)</em> bite at social and political issues, from our perspectives, because we are most certainly not interested in writing songs that don’t activate your brain, and heart, in some way.

Of course, the truly bottom line is, we play rock music, and we play it loud, often fast, and that’s not something that we plan to change… ever.

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